My Trip To Seattle and Kinokuniya – Part 2

This is why I am never, EVER doing a travel blog. IN MY WHOLE LIFE. It’s so time consuming, and I update the darned thing months after. It’d probably be best if I just spent four hours typing out the thing from the start.


So last time, we left off on day 2, where I had some kimchi fried rice, and…stuff.
Next came EMP.

EMP from the outdoors. It’s pretty big.

For those of you who don’t know, EMP (Experience Music Project) is a giant contemporary music museum that houses a lot of musical history and pop culture exhibits, and centres around a lot of Seattle’s music culture. A good portion of the museum is centred on Seattle’s music culture and whatnot, but it’s still fun for everyone. Some of the highlights:

– Guitar museum of coolness. And I don’t even play guitar.
– Music lab. Although the tuning pegs have been played with on most of the electric guitars, it’s still a lot of fun.
– They also have some studios with electronic drums + guitar you can use for 20 mins to jam in.
– The gigantic screen thingy in the lobby that plays a bunch of obscure music videos. Me and my family just stayed there for almost 15 minutes just watching…
– The changing exhibits. More on that below.

I had previously been here on a high school trip in 2011. At that time, there was a Battlestar Galactica exhibit (didn’t excite me, since I’m more of a Trekkie, to be honest). However, this time, they had new Nirvana, ACDC, and horror movie exhibits  – the reason being that a lot of the time, EMP is about music as well as soundscapes (post production in horror movies is the main reason that they’re scary – as most of you know, without music, most horror movies don’t really pack a punch).

Pictures below:

Avatar exhibit. It was pretty dark, so I didn’t bother taking many pictures.

Cool touch panel thingy that shows concept art from the Avatar exhibit. I want this in my house. 😀

Green screen portion here shows how they map the actor’s movement to animate the characters. I actually got to try part this time since the museum was less crowded. Yay!

From the horror exhibit. Again, the lighting sucked, so I didn’t take too many pictures…

And some more random pictures from a slightly…geekier exhibit that had lots of Star Trek/superhero/randomI-don’t-know-what memorabilia:

Random robot from Doctor Who… I think. Anyone know what this thing is?

Data’s costume! I’m more of a Voyager fan, but I’LL TAKE IT! >:D

I think everyone knows what this is.

As for the ACDC and Nirvana exhibits, I didn’t really take that many pictures because the lighting wasn’t that great, and I didn’t have a large interest in either of the groups. However, after going to the Nirvana exhibit, I developed a new appreciation for the group, since they had some iPods with their albums on them available for perusal, and I was fairly surprised by how much I liked listening to it.

As you can probably guess, I wasn’t that blown away by the ACDC exhibit. Oh well. So if you’re in Seattle, you MUST (YOU MUST) go to EMP at least once! You’ll definitely enjoy it!

After some more eating, my family and I went to Nordstrom. At this point, I was pretty drained, so I didn’t bother taking any pictures.

The last time I came to Seattle on a school trip, I followed some of my classmates into a Nordstrom once. We only stayed on the first floor, so I didn’t get a sense of the pricing. This time, I actually went through the whole store from top to bottom. HOLY MACKEREL, I DID NOT REALIZE BURBERRY WAS SO EXPENSIVE. Being the uninitiated person that I am, I thought “Oh, it’s Burberry, what a nice coat!” and checked the price tag and it was EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Even marked down, a shirt was somewhere in the range of $40-60, which to me is still insane. I couldn’t imagine buying anything here, and people were walking out with multiple bags. I envied them for a second until I realized that I’d rather spend $800 on manga/game goods than clothing.

Ah, still a geek to the core. 8)

A few things I learned, and thought of during this experience:

1. I will never buy Louboutin shoes IN MY LIFE. EVER. SHOOT ME BEFORE THIS     OCCURS.
2. I never realized the reasons for why of credit card debt is probably due to the fact that this store, and others like it, exist.
3. $60 is quite cheap in the world of fashion. And to me, this is still rather expensive.
4. A lot of “fashionable” clothes are actually quite ugly to me. Not liking the patterns very much here.
5. You know a store is high end when they have a computer section for men to sit at while the girls shop.

Now onto an important question: Do I actually LIKE Seattle?
Well…yes and no.

If you ask me where I’d rather go, I’d have to say Portland. While a lot of this is due to the fact that Powell’s Books exists, there’s also the fact that I enjoy Portland a lot. While you can cite Pike Place as a reason to go to Seattle, I have news for you – we already have something like this in Vancouver I can go to whenever I want! It’s called Granville Island! And it’s also transit accessible!

Seattle, for me, is basically like the American version of Vancouver. It’s similar in a lot of ways, except that there are a few cultural things there (coughcoughKinokuniyacoughcough) that I wish I had in my city. SIGH.

I do think that Seattle is a rather enjoyable city though, and if you said you were going to vacation there, I wouldn’t feel sorry for you. Although I would question your sanity if you went to the original Starbucks – IT’S JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER STARBUCKS! CONTAIN YOUR EXUBERANCE!

Overall, I liked Seattle. But after going to the northwestern United States so often, I think it’s time for me to go to Japan already. =___=
Well, after I get a job win the lottery graduate from university I guess…