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Five reasons why I generally prefer shoujo manga to shoujo-based anime

This post is late. I know. I deeply apologize m(____)m Real life, Hawaiian stress patterns, and issues relating to Canadian sovereignty got in the way (actually, they’re still kind of in the way….)… Continue reading

A few reasons why I favour shoujo manga

Aaaand, here is MOB, take THREE! Please vote for me in the following places: For my first post on masculinity in shoujo manga here. For my second post on shoujo manga parenting here.… Continue reading

The five flavours of shoujo manga….parenting.

And so, part 2 of MOB commences! Please be sure to vote for me when the time comes! Now, let the discussion begin! Also, I’m going to use the same graphic, because I… Continue reading

Tips on using raw manga to learn Japanese!

Now, I know my Japanese is very, very far from perfect, and having not passed anything higher than the lowest level of the JLPT, I also know that I am far from qualified.… Continue reading