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Five reasons why I generally prefer shoujo manga to shoujo-based anime

This post is late. I know. I deeply apologize m(____)m Real life, Hawaiian stress patterns, and issues relating to Canadian sovereignty got in the way (actually, they’re still kind of in the way….)… Continue reading

Today’s Updates! : March 26, 2012

Actually, this will include some stuff from two days ago as well, since my eye was…not on the ball. AT ALL. Note to self: Never fall behind on updates. LIKE, EVER. (Except during… Continue reading

Today’s Updates! – Jan. 27, 2012

There is a LOT today, actually! No wonder I haven’t been finding anything I wanted over the past few days… Vampire Knight (79): Vampire Knight ALWAYS comes first. No matter how much I… Continue reading

Why I love Vampire Knight!

Hana to Yume Comics. FOR THE WIN! I’ve been reading Vampire Knight for ages and ages…gosh, since I was just starting high school. I feel so old now. It’s one of the most… Continue reading