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#lifeupdate : I’M LIVING IN JAPAN!

Hello, everyone. (I feel like this has been my favorite phrase for a long time…) It’s been…a long ass time. I know. But I’ve been busy, trust me. I haven’t talked about this… Continue reading

Full Disclosure Korea #1: FAQ

Hello, everyone. This isn’t really so much of a FAQ so much as a “what people might be wondering about” post. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AN OFFICIAL OR AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE, NOR AM I… Continue reading

The end is approaching.

Hello, everyone. My time in Korea is slowly coming to an end. In July, I’ll be rounding out the last month of my six month contract, and then I’ll be heading back to… Continue reading

My announcement: I’m going on another journey.

Hello, everyone. I said that I would be making a big announcement on twitter a while ago. I was planning on posting, but because of needed preparations that needed to be taken care… Continue reading

My Trip To Seattle and Kinokuniya – Part 2

This is why I am never, EVER doing a travel blog. IN MY WHOLE LIFE. It’s so time consuming, and I update the darned thing months after. It’d probably be best if I… Continue reading

My trip to Seattle and Kinokuniya – Part 1

So, I mentioned last week that I went to Seattle with my parents for my summer vacation. Granted, it was only three days, but it was still fun and relaxing! Although the trip… Continue reading

News + More Announcements…

I’ve been away for a while and I realize that I’ve been neglecting this blog A LOT. I have actually been plugging away at an entry for some time now – well, actually… Continue reading