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Currently Reading: Love Me for Who I Am

Hey. It’s been a while. I’m supposing everyone in this world’s been well? Oh, who am I kidding? The world is on fire, there’s a global pandemic, life in general sucks for a… Continue reading

Review: Watashi no Ookami-kun

I’m baaaaaaaack guys! Since I started living in Japan, you’d think that there’d be more manga reading at the manga cafes and more video game playing, but sadly this is not the case… Continue reading

Currently Reading: The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahou Tsukai no Yome)

Hello, everyone. I’m finally back with some of that regular manga programming. I realize that this series isn’t technically a shoujo manga, but it really hits all of the right notes that will… Continue reading

Ear Candy!: HI SUHYUN, Stromae, Super Junior, Wagakki Band

Hello, everyone. I’m actually writing this in IE using Windows. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever done this, and so far the experience hasn’t been so terrible. Maybe I’ll be able… Continue reading

Currently reading: Taiyou no Ie

Hello, everyone. I have been away for a while (again!), attending university, writing midterms, attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese, and applying for internships in various places. But I’m back now! I really want… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Yokohama Monogatari

Hello everyone! Before we get down to business, I am happy to report that this blog won the SILVER award in MOB! I honestly can’t believe it. Thanks so much to everyone that… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Ao Haru Ride

Hey everyone! I just finished my last exam of this semester TODAY. I’M FREEEEEEEE! *ahem* First, a little bit of housekeeping: please cast your votes for my latest (and final) MOB entry here!… Continue reading

Review: Arisa

This review…took a while. Partly due to school commitments (as usual), but partly due to my discovery of Buzz Launcher. Oh, the customizability… This is the manga I wanted to talk about for… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Kimi ni Happiness

Hello everyone! I’m kind of sort of back from exams (I have Japanese on Tuesday, but it’s not a huge deal), and I had a manga craving. As a result, I picked something… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Reimei no Arcana

I was debating about which manga I should talk about next, but then I realized that I’ve been gushing about Reimei no Arcana more than any other shoujo manga I can think of.… Continue reading