Ear Candy!: HI SUHYUN, Stromae, Super Junior, Wagakki Band

Hello, everyone.

I’m actually writing this in IE using Windows. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever done this, and so far the experience hasn’t been so terrible. Maybe I’ll be able to get over my long-held hatred of Windows!

Or perhaps not.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of music. And rather than spamming my Facebook friends with my musical obsessions (as I’ve been doing recently), I thought it’d be a lot more effective to share them with you! So let’s take a look, shall we?

1. HI SUHYUN: I’m Different

I’ve liked Lee Hi for a long time, and Akdong Musician as well. Needless to say, I really like this as well. Both Lee Hi and Suhyun’s vocals are great, their voices really blend well together and complement each other. Bobby is good too (granted he’s not my favourite Korean rapper, but I’ll take what YG is willing to offer). Now I’m just waiting for Lee Hi to start solo promotions again. Let’s hurry it up, YG!

2. Stromae: Tous les mêmes

Bet you weren’t expecting French, were you? Hehe.
No but seriously, I really love this song. I dance to the chorus in my room at least five times a day (shhhhh it’s a secret). It’s just such a fun song, and the lyrics (there are English captions) are so interesting. It’s a really interesting commentary on the different roles men and women play in relationships, and the message is conveyed both with the lyrics and the way the video is shot. It’s really well done!

I really love Stromae’s other work as well. Papaoutai (another song off the same album) was GREAT – if you haven’t watched it yet, GO FIND IT. NOW. Even Pentatonix did a cover of it. French music in general is great and I don’t listen to enough of it.

3. Super Junior – This Is Love

Honestly, lately I haven’t been too happy with Super Junior’s work. Swing It wasn’t that great, and I did NOT like Mamacita. AT ALL. But This Is Love is my jam. IT’S SO GOOD. There’s not one thing I don’t like in this song – everyone seems to be somewhat evenly distributed throughout the song, and everyone sounds good, and the way they shot the video is interesting as well. My bias for EXO is changing….slowly. But I need more Donghae. SM, make it happen.

4. Wagakki Band: Senbonzakura

Because I lived in Korea for a period of time, I kind of let Japanese music fall by the wayside and was pretty much listening to KPOP 90% of the time. So when I came across Wagakki Band when I was browsing Avex Trax’s YouTube channel, I was both surprised and delighted. A full PV, not to mention a full PV of a group that’s doing interesting and unique musical things? YAY! I just love their musical style SO MUCH – there’s not really anything else much like it in Japanese music (or music in general) right now. Go listen to them more, you’ll love them too 🙂

And that’s that! There’s certainly a lot more lurking about in my YouTube favourites and playlists, but I’ll leave that for another day. Happy listening!