Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Just because I like Lucky Star, XD Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone! I wonder if you guys got lots of cool anime-related goodies? 😀 (I didn’t…since I didn’t write up a Christmas… Continue reading

Review – First Love (Sakamoto Isao)

First Love by Sakamoto Isao Summary (from MangaFox): Azayoshi lives in an empty world, there is no hope or happiness, all she wants is a person who will never leave her side. Suddenly… Continue reading

Faceoff! : Yumeiro Patissiere versus Kitchen Princess!

After a bit of a hiatus due to university exam season, it’s back to normal shoujo programming! When I was taking study breaks, I found myself reading three different cooking manga: Oishii Kankei,… Continue reading

Thoughts on Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina!

Although this blog was intended to be about shoujo (for the most part), I have too many diverse interests to confine my ramblings to only one topic! Music has always been a huge… Continue reading

Why I love Vampire Knight!

Hana to Yume Comics. FOR THE WIN! I’ve been reading Vampire Knight for ages and ages…gosh, since I was just starting high school. I feel so old now. It’s one of the most… Continue reading

Review – Strobe Edge

Strobe Edge by Sakisaka Io Summary (from MangaReader): Ninako is a meek, gentle high school student. She has never been in love. Ninako asks Daiki, who has emotions towards her, about what being… Continue reading

Thoughts on CLAMP

I’ve read about as much of CLAMP work as most average readers, maybe less. I still haven’t read X/1999, Clamp School Detectives and a lot of their other work. But I have read… Continue reading

Just a short status update ^_^

Writing this now as a bit of an update in-between lectures on my phone, so I don’t have any images for you guys right now….one I get back to my computer (and finish… Continue reading

Review – Black Coffee

Well, let’s begin. Black Coffee by Nakano Emiko Summary (from Mangafox): How does a girl (Kurashima Akari) declared by her childhood friend (Sentaro) to be gloomy and anti-social transform into a cutie “as… Continue reading

Currently Reading – “Suki” tte ii na yo

I’ve been reading this manga for ages. It kind of fell out of being updated regularly for a while a year or two ago, but now it seems as though it’s become a… Continue reading