Today’s Updates! – Jan. 24, 2012

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (67): Surprisingly cute update, especially at the end of the chapter! ^.^ I know that Misaki’s danso (girl dressing up as guy) skills are great, but she looks really good… Continue reading

Today’s Updates! – Jan. 23, 2012

I wasn’t planning on updating today, until I saw this: NEW. AKUMA TO LOVE SONG. UPDATE. TODAY. A WINNER IS ME. YES! *ahem* Akuma to Love Song (53): I really want Megu to… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Kirai

Yes, I know I said that I would do Oishii Kankei. I’m sorry. I was just reading this until about one in the morning last night and I really loved it, so… ^_^… Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award!

Holy mackerel. This. Is. So. Surreal. After starting my blog ONLY LAST NOVEMBER, I never imagined that this would happen AT ALL, let alone this quickly. I had a lot of reservations coming… Continue reading

In support of the movement against SOPA/PIPA

Kudos to Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress, and a whole slew of other places online for suspending/altering their services in order to bring attention to this dangerous legislation. Also kudos to Anime News Network for… Continue reading

Drowning in mediocrity….

Geh. Written on my Samsung Galaxy SII, since I don’t really want to sit in front of my computer at the moment. Anyway…. Sorry for the somewhat-longer-absence-than-usual, people. At least, it feels like… Continue reading

Review – Hatsukoi ni Oboreta

Hatsukoi ni Oboreta by Sakurada Hina First things first: Happy 2012, everyone! Finally, the first review of the year, of a series that I believe to be one of the most underrated works… Continue reading

Currently reading: Gate 7

“Gate 7” by CLAMP Summary (From Baka-Updates): An innocent sightseeing trip to Kyoto opens up a magical realm to shy high schooler Chikahito Takamoto. Visiting a legendary shrine, Chikahito finds himself in the… Continue reading

Today’s Updates! – Dec. 26, 2011

New blog category, yay! Here, I’ll basically be listing the manga updates I read today, and a short paragraph (or possible more if I’m really heated) of what I think of the newest… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Just because I like Lucky Star, XD Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone! I wonder if you guys got lots of cool anime-related goodies? 😀 (I didn’t…since I didn’t write up a Christmas… Continue reading