The end is approaching.

Hello, everyone. My time in Korea is slowly coming to an end. In July, I’ll be rounding out the last month of my six month contract, and then I’ll be heading back to… Continue reading

Teaching in Korea 1: Starting out

Hello, everyone. So I travelled to South Korea not too long ago. I managed to settle in without any jet lag, so I’d like to give you a bit of an update so… Continue reading

My announcement: I’m going on another journey.

Hello, everyone. I said that I would be making a big announcement on twitter a while ago. I was planning on posting, but because of needed preparations that needed to be taken care… Continue reading

Is Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji too formulaic?

Hello, everyone. This is going to be a rather short post since it’s midnight already and I want to sleep sometime in the near future. Plus this was something I wanted to talk… Continue reading

So I started a New Game+ file in Etrian Odyssey IV….

Hey there, everyone. Today, I felt a bit like talking about video games, since that’s what has been occupying a lot of my attention lately. So when I’m not playing Animal Crossing: New… Continue reading

What is Hana Doki Kira?

Hello, everyone! I got an email a short time ago from Annie Stoll, one of the people behind an exciting new shoujo anthology, Hana Doki Kira! Hana Doki Kira is a shoujo anthology… Continue reading

Currently reading: Taiyou no Ie

Hello, everyone. I have been away for a while (again!), attending university, writing midterms, attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese, and applying for internships in various places. But I’m back now! I really want… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Yokohama Monogatari

Hello everyone! Before we get down to business, I am happy to report that this blog won the SILVER award in MOB! I honestly can’t believe it. Thanks so much to everyone that… Continue reading

Currently Reading: Ao Haru Ride

Hey everyone! I just finished my last exam of this semester TODAY. I’M FREEEEEEEE! *ahem* First, a little bit of housekeeping: please cast your votes for my latest (and final) MOB entry here!… Continue reading

Five reasons why I generally prefer shoujo manga to shoujo-based anime

This post is late. I know. I deeply apologize m(____)m Real life, Hawaiian stress patterns, and issues relating to Canadian sovereignty got in the way (actually, they’re still kind of in the way….)… Continue reading