The end is approaching.

Hello, everyone.


My time in Korea is slowly coming to an end.
In July, I’ll be rounding out the last month of my six month contract, and then I’ll be heading back to Canada.

I’ve loved my time here, and part of me is sad to go. And yet, being here for so long makes me miss my time in Canada spent studying and being with my family.

So now I’ll spend my last month spending time with my students, my friends, and my coworkers. Hopefully that time will be spent eating a lot and drinking (in moderation).

Bingsu is love. Bingsu is life.


More posts will be forthcoming after my trip to Gangwon-do.
I’ll talk in a more broad sense until my contract is over, and then I’ll start answering some more pressing questions about my time teaching and some insight into the company that recruited me.
See you all soon!