Currently Reading: Kimi ni Happiness

Hello everyone! I’m kind of sort of back from exams (I have Japanese on Tuesday, but it’s not a huge deal), and I had a manga craving. As a result, I picked something at random, and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Let’s get started with Kimi ni Happiness!


Kimi ni Happiness by Ichinose Ruka

Summary: Aizawa Yume falls in love with her aloof classmate Kou after she falls asleep on her shoulder on the train. After peeling back the layers, it’s clear that he’s a really caring guy, but it turns out that he’s in love with someone else. What will Yume do?

Thoughts so far:

This is going to be really short, because there are only three chapters available at the time I was writing this.

Let me start off by saying I am REALLY SICK AND TIRED of shoujo authors naming their female protagonists “Yume”. It’s overdone, it’s not a normal OR attractive name, and it’s WEIRD. If you go to Japan, NO ONE will have “Yume” as their real name. I know non-Japanese manga readers think that it’s really cool to have their given name mean “dream”, but you can have a lot more complex and meaningful Japanese names with different kanjii. Granted, manga vary on how much they are based in real life, but I am so sick of this already.

Honestly, I had no expectations when I started reading this manga. I thought it would be rather boring and predictable, and that I would know exactly where the plot would go. But this actually wasn’t the case. I’m actually really enjoying what I’m seeing here.

Thankfully, the annoying-ness of Yume’s name doesn’t translate to her characterization. Despite the conventionality of her situation, I actually found myself sympathizing to her situation, and I didn’t think her character reactions were too unrealistic. I can completely imagine myself acting the way she did after she confessed, and I actually see a few of my mannerisms in her.

Kou as a shoujo male lead isn’t as boring as I expected that he would be. He does have this aloof kind of personality when you see him in the first chapter, but it didn’t come off as redundant. I kind of feel like he resembles Chihiro from Hoshi wa Utau in some ways, except he’s less annoying (kind of).

Ichika (Kou’s love interest) is a really interesting character within this manga. She has the potential to allow the author to touch upon themes of abuse and child neglect in an interesting way, which is something I’m looking forward to in the coming chapters. I like her character a lot more than I like most borderline mentally unstable characters in shoujo manga. And that’s a good thing.

The art style is a bit….weird. It looks great in some panels, but looks really off in others, especially when it comes to Ichika’s angry face. I really want to like this author’s art style, but there are honestly much better artists out there. Anyway, I’m not reading this manga for the art, I’m reading it for the story.

Overall, I think this manga has a lot of potential. There simply aren’t enough chapters available for me to give a more detailed opinion, but I really hope that some translation group keeps up with this, because I really love this manga (so far). I recommend the first three chapters highly, and hope the rest of the series turns out well too!

Rating: 8/0/10