My 2013 Blogging Resolutions


All the manga I was supposed to talk about in 2012. Yeah.

I am a terrible blogger. No, really.

So with the intent of identifying the areas I can improve in, I have made a short list.

1. For heaven’s sake, post more often. 
This is kind of a big one. This blog is kind of moving toward a monthly update status, which isn’t what I intended to happen when I started this blog. However, as I’ve progressed through university, I realized that this simply isn’t feasible, given my school workload and my video game habit.

It isn’t that the blog has been out of my mind – I’ve been thinking about it every day, thinking about things to write about, manga I wanted to talk about…it’s just that there’s been a lack of action on my part, and that’s something I want to fix in this new (ish) year.

2. Put some thoughtful analysis in there.

A lot of the time when I talk about manga, I find that I don’t really say anything interesting – I can say that I loved the plot but hated the characterization, but it’s not anything UNIQUE. The aim I had when I started this blog was to voice commentary that I didn’t hear from anyone else – looking at things from a more political perspective than a lot of people I know who just look at the art and the bishounen and how pretty everything looks.

A lot of the bloggers who even bother reading this blog put me to shame in this department. They have such thoughtful, well-structured and INTERESTING analysis and opinions, it gives me something to strive towards, and yet makes me even more reluctant to release new posts because of the fear I can’t achieve something on a similar level. But rather than preventing me from being creative, this is something that should SPUR ME ON to get to the next level.

3. Stop being so formulaic.

I think one of the things I really want to explore this year is different kinds of opinion entries – rather than just posting reviews and whatnot, I really want to expand on some of my overlooked blog categories and add some new ones. I also really want to try my hand at some more serious analysis. It may be TL;DR, but it’s just something I’m seriously considering exploring.

4. Stop being so lazy about inserting images.

This isn’t really a huge factor in my reviews (I don’t really want to get in trouble for posting manga scanlations), but when doing other kinds of posts, I really want to use more images in more creative ways (?) I am one of those people that can get a little bit…bored when there aren’t too many images in a blog post, and I want to move toward creating the kind of blog I would read myself.

5. Talk more about Japanese.

This is something I REALLY want to explore more. I already have a bunch of ideas on backburner for things I want to talk about regarding the Japanese language. This is something I looking forward to doing soon!

6. Follow up on my post date promises. 

I’m going to stop saying “this post will be up TOMORROW!” and then end up posting it like three weeks later. I know this is a terrible thing to do. I’m sorry. I won’t do it anymore.

And there you have it! I will now resume work on my ongoing entries, and I’ll see you again soon! ^_^/