News + More Announcements…

I’ve been away for a while and I realize that I’ve been neglecting this blog A LOT. I have actually been plugging away at an entry for some time now – well, actually two – and I’ve been suffering from a bit of writers’ block, so please bear with me on that. Also, I’ve started having a life away from my computer (and university extracurriculars). I actually went to karaoke for the first time a week ago! Can you believe it?

My review for Oishii Kankei (yes, I have been working on it) WILL BE UP IN SEPTEMBER. I SWEAR. m(____)m

Also, another important announcement:

I’m going on a trip! To an exotic land known as:

I’m goin’ on a trip, yo!

Seattle, Washington.

Which is a four hour drive, give or take an hour, from where I live.

Well, some people consider America to be an exotic land of sorts. Kind of. As my dad always says, “In America, they have cheese in aerosol cans! :D”. (However, I have yet to find any evidence of such a phenomenon apart from the internet).

I have yet to actually go to the Space Needle, although I have heard it is incredibly expensive. I’ve been to the CN Tower already, DO I REALLY NEED TO GO TO ANOTHER TALL BUILDING? Sigh. Also, hopefully I will see Pike Place’s fish market in action this time, instead of it being CLOSED ON THE FOURTH OF JULY the last time I went >_>

And most importantly, if I do have the chance to go to Kinokuniya again, Kino no Tabi in some form is on my buy list FOR SURE. If not, maybe Kimi ni Todoke or Sukitte ii na yo or something. That’s IF I go, since my mom has a huge pile of origami paper already…damn you, Richmond Daiso.

So yeah. See you next week, WordPress people.