Today’s Updates! : August 7, 2012 (and other announcements)

Totally random Minorin image, since I have no sense and this is a less conventional post. Plus, you all like eye candy, right?

Hello, peoples!

There’s this common thing on the internet where people will say “No, I’m NOT dead” after they’ve been away for some time. I would just like to say that rather than being dead, school was holding me hostage.

No, really. I was drowning in Poly Sci papers (one of which I got an A on, despite procrastinating like hell on it), and now I’m drowning in exams. Oh joy.

But hey! This shoujo addict still makes time for manga REGARDLESS of how illogical that might be in light of her academic responsibilities. So YAY!
Thankfully, the updates I actually want to read are rather scant, so I won’t have too much to talk about. This may be a blessing in disguise, since I was already distracted by the hurdle running game on the Google homepage.

Sheesh. Anwyay…

1. Akuma to Love Song 56: This chapter was TOO SHORT. WHAT THE HECK. I know this is a transitional chapter, but I didn’t really get anything out of it. So the guys put out a fire and Maria was really impressed….BIG WHOOP. Nothing interesting happened at all. I’m hoping things will pick up a bit more in the chapters to come, and that Meguro will stop being the way he is. Well, back to other things.

So that’s all I really read today. I saw Natsuyuki Rendezvous in the updates today; although I tried reading the first chapter, it didn’t grab me right away. I might give it a another try, since it seems to be a rather well-received jousei manga. Plus, the premise seems rather interesting.

I also read another jousei manga recently – Koguresou Monogatari, and throughly enjoyed it. Go check it out!

In more shoujo related news, I actually started reading Arisa. Let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting much of it, BUT IT WAS AMAZING. It actually exceeded my expectations by a long shot. It had some shortcomings for sure, but I’m really looking forward to the next update.

I know there’s been a lack of posts recently, and I’m really sorry for the long delay! In terms of future blog posts, I know I have a backlog of stuff I want to talk about. It’s not a question of lack of ideas, it’s more of an issue of lack of time and lack of motivation. But then lots of people struggle with that. I really want to grow this blog a lot more, so just wait until next week and I’ll have some more new content ready!

Now keep those hits coming, guys! 😀