Ear Candy! : Gilme, Jo Kwon, 2NE1 and…BABY METAL.

A lot of stuff has been happening in my YouTube subscriptions box in terms of comebacks lately. Yay! Waiting on Sunny Hill though.

However, not all is rosy in the world of music I’ve been listening to lately. Kind of.
(Expect this to be rather rushed and haphazard, since I have a bunch of school-related things to do. And I’ve been working on this entry on and off for the past few days.)

1. Gilme feat. Eun Ji Won: Like a Fool (Me First)

I was super excited about this song, since Gilme is my favourite female rapper apart from Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls. I had never actually heard Gilme sing before, so I thought that the female vocal I heard in the teaser was the person being featured (I cannot differentiate between male and female Korean names to save my life). But then I realized that it was her, and I was incredibly surprised that her singing voice was that GOOD. I’ll be the first to admit that Gilme is no JeA or Taeyeon, but she still has this maturity to her voice that makes her unique and sets her apart from a lot of idols.

This song would have been a lot better if the male rapper hadn’t been in it. I would have much rather heard Gilme do all the rapping, since I enjoy it so much, than hearing someone else do it (unless they’re amazingly epic, and this guy…isn’t).

I’ve been reading in a few other places about the MV for this, and a lot of people have been criticizing Gilme’s stylist for the makeup and the accessories she was wearing, and I can kind of understand where they’re coming from. The accessories were a bit too excessive, and the makeup wasn’t….great. Her stylist wised up a bit for the live performances I’ve seen though.

2. Jo Kwon: Animal and I’m Da One

Now, I normally don’t like 2PM that much. I have other male groups that occupy my attention, and 2PM is generally not one of them. However, after watching Dream High 1 and 2, I started to like a few of the other members a bit more, so I decided to give these songs a try…after I heard that Jo Kwon would be dancing in heels for one of these songs.

Also, Jo Kwon was on We Got Married with Ga In. But I digress.

I’m Da One is a really fun and catchy song. It’s cheerful and fun, and the pre-chorus with the whistling is just stuck in my head now; I keep humming it on my morning commute! But then the plot of the MV just doesn’t match at all – this song is supposed to be cheerful, but then they have this weird bit with angsty music going on and I was so mystified. That whole aspect of the music video just ruined the whole experience for me. So I watch the live videos of him on MBC instead. Problem solved!

Animal is a REALLY catchy song. I think the off vocal is fun and catchy too – I just have a thing for electronic music, I guess. I wish there was an MV for this somewhere, but I’ll have to make do with the live performances. But WOW is the choreography for this amazing! It’s fun to look at and really eye-catching – the outfits are fun too, love the feathers. I’m amazed that Jo Kwon dances THAT well in heels. Even in the practice videos the intensity of all the performers shows. So very well done 😀
I think this song would have been just fine without the rap part. But it doesn’t make the song worse in any way, so I guess it’s ok.

3. 2NE1: I Love You

There is supposed to be trot in this song somewhere, but as a music listener not that familiar with trot, I am unable to identify its presence in this song. Sorry.

But this song is really good! I like the fact that they didn’t use too much autotune here. I know autotune is a common feature in their other songs, but I just feel that it’s unnecessary when it’s used on their already good voices. I think that saving it for the end made for more effective usage, and set the end apart from the rest of the song, making it less repetitive.

The MV is really vibrant and fun to look at as well, and the styling is rather good – I especially liked Minzy’s outfit and Dara’s whole ensemble. By the way, what is it with YG acts doing strange things with their hair. First it was GD with his weird mane….thing, and now it’s Dara. She looks good in it, but it’s kind of…out of the ordinary.

A lot of people online have been saying that Minzy’s so-called “sexy dance” looks unnatural and that it was odd, but I felt like it wasn’t too out-of-place after CL’s bit. Plus, she’s 19 already, isn’t she? Just let her dance!

A lot of people have also been saying the train compartment they use in the MV looks like the Hogwarts Express…and I am inclined to agree. Hehe. 😉

4. BABY METAL: Ii ne!

That was probably the oddest experience I’ve ever had in listening to JPOP. Really.

If this whole song resembled the beginning of the song, I would probably put it on my mp3 player in like, ten seconds. Metal influences and electronic dance music actually mix pretty well in the introduction here, and I’m really liking it!

…And then it turns to hip hop. WHY? It has no relation to the rest of the song, it’s really out of place and their quasi-rapping is really annoying. =_= And then the song takes ANOTHER turn for the weird with the headbanging. And then it goes back to the part I like for the end.

….Ohhkkaayy. I will admit though, that the main vocalist’s voice is not that bad. There are plenty of people in Morning Musume right now whose singing voices I can’t stand. On another note, I don’t really know what the other two girls are doing there apart from being backup dancers and doing random high-pitched speaking parts. Well, this is common enough in idol music, so I’m not too opposed to it, since I listen to quite a bit of idol music, actually.

Anyway, please tell me what you thought of this song in the comments. I still don’t know whether I like this song as a whole or not. =_=