Today’s Updates! – July 1, 2012

First off, happy Canada Day! I know my Canadian readers are out there somewhere, and I hope you enjoy the celebrations to the fullest! ^_^

But still. I’m also glad that #DenounceHarper is trending. YES.

Moving on!

IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei (52): Oh. Well. It’s finally happened. Good for Haru and Ibuki. I’m glad that this chapter was handled in a very mature and realistic way (as the whole of the series has been, actually), so YAY! I’m happy that things turned out the way they did this chapter. Hurray for mutual consent! 🙂
IS is one of those manga that tackles social issues in an informative, entertaining and realistic way, so I do think it’s a must-read!

Yasuko to Kenji (5): Oh, I read the first few chapters of this ages and ages ago! I’m glad it’s been picked up again because I remember being amused by it! 😀 The girl that shows up this chapter is rather amusing by the fact that she’s making fun of manga stereotypes. Hehe. I was amused. Anyway, this is probably one of the most unique mangaka-character-featuring manga out there, and I really enjoy it. I love the ensemble as well, so I really recommend it!

Also, there was a Kimi no Neiro update, but I remember trying it around a year ago and disliking it. There have also been a bunch of great Gin no Saji updates as well, so I enjoyed those…

Not at all a bad time to be reading manga, really.