Ear Candy! – Big Bang, SNSD and f(x)

As someone who listens to music well…everyday, it’s time for me to talk about it a little more often. Just a little bit! I tend to listen to quite a lot of different things everyday, so this is just a small snapshot.

Therefore, in order to sate my desire to talk about music, I decided to create a new blog segment. BECAUSE I CAN! >:D

My music taste lately has also included a lot of KPOP, so be prepared for that, I guess. I will be talking about Japanese music a lot too, though.

1. Big Bang – Monster

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this song. After their last round of promotions (three songs at the same time? THAT’S AMAZING.), I didn’t know if I could expect the same level of amazing, BUT LOOK, HERE IT IS.

“I love you/Baby I’m not a monster~” ❤ I actually really like the story and the message of the song, I think it’s really fresh in comparison to a lot of other KPOP songs I’ve been listening to lately. And I just love Seungri’s part after the first chorus. Nice falsetto! I like it! I also really like the post production on the bridge. It’s not too flashy, but it creates a pretty cool effect.

The styling for this is also good, although GD’s blond hair just didn’t look good. I’m sorry, GD. Also, someone needs to fix Taeyang’s hair, he looks like Mickey Mouse…not very flattering. All of TOP’s outfits are amazing though ❤

2. SNSD – Paparazzi

Okay…the PV randomly opens with Bolero…AND THEN IT FADES INTO SINGING IN THE RAIN. LIKE, WTF. I mean, I LOVE Singin’ in the Rain with a raging passion, and it really contributes to that kind of vintage feel the intro of the video is going for. Overall, I totally enjoyed, although I don’t know how many of my peers would. The PV is just fun to look at as well, since it’s so pretty.

I think this song is actually pretty well-written and well-arranged, and I really enjoyed it…up until the bridge, which I thought was kind of lazy and a mishmash of notes progressions that weren’t thought through very well. Other than that, this song is catchy and fun to boot. And I can actually hear when Hyoyeon and Yoona come in now! (Couldn’t pick them out at ALL in Time Machine). So that’s good.

As for their Japanese, it seems like their Japanese skill is almost REGRESSING. In Genie, their Japanese was GREAT. Here, it’s kind of…middle-of-the-road. I can barely understand like, half of what they’re saying. SIGH. Get it together, GG.

3. f(x) – Electric Shock

I didn’t know what to expect for this song, but I’m actually liking it a lot more than I was expecting to. I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music in this vein lately, but I’m not as bored by it here as I normally am. Good job, SM! For once, anyway.

Also, AMBER IS ACTUALLY SINGING. WOW. Was not expecting that. Normally, Amber just gets ONE rap part in the middle of the song, and that’s it. It actually seems like the vocal distribution here is EQUAL, which is kind of unusual. Sigh. Well, good job, Amber. You were always my favourite member.

(Also, even though I don’t like Sulli that much, I think her braids are really cute >_<) The styling in this video is really flattering for everyone. Even though SM really tries hard to make Amber look like a boy most of the time, she looks a lot more feminine here. YAY!

(Yes, Amber is my favourite f(x) member. Couldn’t you tell?)

In short, YG’s really pulling all the stops with Big Bang lately. Way to go!
And SM, you’re moving up in the world. I almost respect you again. ALMOST. Now don’t go and do something stupid like making all of your band members wear fur hats again.