Well, another nomination? O_o

I saw this in my inbox and was really happy about it…until I remembered that I had three finals to study for. UGH. I still have two more after today…



Many thanks to simpleek for the nomination 😀

The Rules:

  1. Thank the award giver and link back to their blog in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
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Okay, here goes~

1. I am the laziest soprano on the face of the earth. If it’s above a high G, I can still do it, but really don’t want to. That being said, I will go to any lengths to sing a really HIGH song that I adore.

2. I am a fan of the Takarazuka Revue. Yes, THAT Takarazuka Revue that inspired Osamu Tezuka’s Ribon no Kishi. My favourite otokoyaku was formerly Mizu Natsuki, and is currently a tie between Ouki Kaname and Yuzuki Reon – both are SHINY AND AWESOME AND TALENTED AND WONDERFUL. My favourite musumeyaku was formerly O-Hana (although she retired before I entered the fandom), although I remain pretty clueless about musumeyaku most of the time…Anyway, you can read my old Takarazuka ramblings here.

3. I have tried Gamelan, Korean drumming and African drumming. My next goal is Taiko. 😀 I also play the snare drum. That being said, I suck at any percussion that remotely resembles a piano.

4. My favourite colour used to be blue, but now I prefer warm and earthy colours, like red and brown. What happened to me? LOL

5. My favourite types of video games are rhythm games, closely followed by quirky Japanese games like Katamari. I also really liked text-based games like Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright. That being said, I’ve recently been playing an awful lot of COD with my boyfriend…

6. I don’t have a all-time favourite kind of cuisine, or rather, it changes every day depending on my mood. I really like noodles in soup, regardless of the day though – pho, udon, ramen, whatever. Now that I think about it, the thing I cook most often is soup…

7. The people that inspire me the most are Aung Sang Suu Kyi (who I respect for her efforts in bringing democracy to Burma/Myannmar), Rachel Maddow (who I respect for her intelligence and humor), and Jack Layton (whose amazing letter still makes me teary eyed sometimes, especially the end!)

Yes. I really don’t know of any bloggers, since I spend most of my time online on YouTube. Terribly sorry.

Again, it’s Shoujo Corner for a lot of great analysis and fun in general and simpleek for talking about a variety of interesting subjects.

Yes. After exam season, I will start reading more manga. Really I will.