Today’s Updates! : March 26, 2012

Actually, this will include some stuff from two days ago as well, since my eye was…not on the ball. AT ALL.

Note to self: Never fall behind on updates. LIKE, EVER. (Except during exam season.)

Vampire Knight (81): Okay, I need to find the official version of this. Because the version I found online was super convoluted. I understood the first half, but then the second half of the chapter just felt like this weird mishmash. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Kaname after this though.

Bitou Lollipop (9): Fascinating chapter! Poor Madoka though. I wonder what happened to her father (well, I KNOW what happened to him, but what is he doing now?) I can’t wait to see how things progress! This is one of the series I really love, but whose name escapes me until an update comes out for it ^^;;

Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru (52.2): Don’t blame me for the weird chapter number, that’s how it’s listed online! Anyway, I don’t normally read BL, but THIS STUFF IS GOOD. No, it’s NOT a fanservice-y manga, so get your head out of the gutter; this deals with REAL, DIFFICULT issues of abuse and sexual orientation. Fascinating? YES. The thing is, I think I missed the previous updates, so the new plot developments have me a bit “O______________O” at the moment.

Black Bird (45): I totally thought this chapter was going to be uneventful and boring…until I saw the end. WOW. Kind of more hyped for the update now, I guess, but Misao bores me. =_=

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi (20): Great chapter…until it ended with the most PREDICTABLE PLOT DEVELOPMENT EVER. =_= Yeesh. Although I know monsoon season is violent enough to impede the transportation system, but is it too much to ask for some creativity?

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (69): HOLY. MACKEREL. PLOT TWIST. Wow. That guy is…somewhat similar to how I imagined him to look (plus the goatee though). Fun chapter from start to finish! ^.^ Ayuzawa being embarassed is just so endearing and cute, and I’m not normally one to gush over such things! :0

Bokura ga Ita (70): OMG that was the last chapter AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!! BEST. ENDING. EVERR!!!!! Apart from Kare Kano and Fruits Basket, BUT YEAH IT WAS GREAT!!!!! I need to reread this really badly though…

Dawn – Tsumetai Te (24): But wait, what happened at the end?! O_o This manga is definitely heating up though. I can’t wait to see how things progress now that the disease appears to be spreading…

Reimei no Arcana (28): I seriously need to reread the previous chapters. GOSH the character art this time was pretty. I need to stop looking at Caesar….=___=
But yeah…poor Nakaba! ;_; Life is getting more difficult for her, for sure…

BTW, this is not everything I have open in my tabs right now – the other stuff is composed of things I want to try, but have never read. Sorry, I can blaze through updates pretty fast, but not THAT fast…^_^;;