Review: Doctor wa Amai Kiss wo Suru

I really don’t have that much to say about this series, and yet, I’m writing about it. Why, you ask?

I just felt like saying bad things about a manga for once :p Writing a blog that praises manga all the time is just…boring. I want to be a little bit mean for a change. 😀
Without further ado, here’s a look at the manga I still can’t believe I read, Doctor wa Amai Kiss wo Suru.  

Doctor wa Amai Kiss wo Suru by Kawamaru Shin

Sorry, I forgot to crop it. But I’m in a bit of a hurry, as it’s rather late at the moment. (1:00 AM is not late for many people my age, but I have school tomorrow… :/)

Summary (from MangaFox): There are many popular doctors at Hokusan University Hospital!! Such doctors develop passionate love affairs. Which way are they going?


Ignoring the rather lackluster summary I found, let me describe this series succinctly: this is basically a collection of oneshots. A bunch of rather BADLY WRITTEN oneshots, I might add. None of these stories are meant to be representative of real life by any means. This series as a whole makes Grey’s Anatomy seem realistic, which is an achievement.

The first makes me think of Trauma Centre (the DS game) if it were a dating sim. Rather, a stereotypically written dating sim. =_=

The second and third stories had me almost ripping my hair out. These “doctors” are engaging in relationships with HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. I know that there is a subset of shoujo manga that deals with teacher-student relationships, but this is just taking that unethical-ness to a whole other level. While teachers can exert a certain amount of authority over their students, doctors have an extraordinary amount of influence over their HEALTH, which is SO IMPORTANT. Isn’t engaging in this kind of behaviour a violation of the Hippocratic oath or something?! =_=

I also have a hard time believing all of those doctors would go pedo for those teenage girls. But I digress.

The plot progression in general, would have been less objectionable had the characters all been overage. That doesn’t change the fact that all of the characters and stories are incredibly…boring. All of the doctors are practically EXACTLY THE SAME: aloof and controlled. No quirks, nothing to set each of them apart by any means, unless one of them is wearing glasses. (Also, the kurokami megane archetype is mysteriously absent in this series for some reason, which could POSSIBLY have redeemed it slightly had it been used. Sorry, I just really like that sort of thing…)

Moving on!

The female characters are bland, if inoffensive; likeable while lacking memorability. What more can I say? This is stereotypical shoujo at its finest, taken to an extreme. However, I will admit there’s not that much kissing as there could have been, although I’m grateful it wasn’t gratuitously bad. Haha.

The art is… BLEH. It’s not UGLY, but it’s not GREAT. I consider this to be on the lower side of mediocre, since some of the character art is lacking, especially for the guys at times. The girls are all drawn moderately well though.

Overall, this is a series that really isn’t worth a look. If you want an example of a way NOT to do shoujo, here is your exemplar.

Rating: 3.0/10

+: Didn’t go overboard with the love scenes.

-: Boring and stereotypical to an extreme.