Thoughts On: Sunny Hill

This is the post I have been meaning to write since I first talked about Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina. I think it’s about time I introduce you guys to the most underrated, but one of my most favourite KPOP groups: Sunny Hill.

From left to right: Janghyun, Kota, Jubi, Seung-Ah and Misung.

While Sunny Hill has been getting a lot more attention from KPOP news sites like allkpop as of late, NONE of my friends who listen to KPOP listen to Sunny Hill. IT’S A TRAVESTY, I TELL YOU. A TRAVESTY.

I was first introduced to Sunny Hill after stumbling across one of their other songs, Pray. It was on a KPOP MV subs channel, and I was bored, and the screenshot looked interesting, so I checked it out. And boy, am I glad I did.

After watching this, I was like HOLY MACKEREL. THIS IS SOME PRETTY GOOD STUFF.
(But as a hardcore Hiller, I now know Misung and Janghyun don’t sing in this D: You can find them singing this in live performances, however.)

An interesting note about the MV for Pray is that it was banned. Oh, yes.
I understand their reasons for doing this, but the MV was so substantial and amazingly well crafted, I was kind of devastated, really.

A lot of people I know LOVE KPOP with an undying passion and a lot of other people I know can’t stand the stuff. I can understand why, for sure; I was once one of those people (I will tell the story of how I got into KPOP at another time). But this song and MV blew me away. After watching this, I knew I was past the point of no return with KPOP. At the time, I had thought that I had reached that point with Brown Eyed Girls, but I WAS WRONG.

I thought, “Well, this is some good stuff! Do they have any more?”
And the answer was yes. Boy, did they have some more.

The next thing I watched was this – Midnight Circus.

(Janghyun doesn’t sing in this either, although he appears rather frequently in the MV. Another tidbit: One of the members of B2ST is in this as well. He’s the guy pulling the rope in the second half of the video. Also, IU and Ga-in from BEG appeared in the teasers for this single. Win? YES.)

I really have a thing for songs like Midnight Circus that have…unconventional instrumentation. Trombone, trumpet, accordion, AND saxophone? I was won over in SECONDS upon hearing this. A lot of KPOP at the time I first found this was resoundingly pop/electronic, so Midnight Circus was really refreshing.

So at this point, I was waiting for their next single to be announced.
One day, allkpop announced that Sunny Hill would be releasing a new album called “The Grasshoppers”.

Not unpredictably, their newest single was called The Grasshopper Song.
You can find subtitles for the Korean part at the beginning elsewhere on YouTube. Thankfully, this time, LOENT was cool and decided to include the translation of the song lyrics in the video description. Nice!

Interestingly, Narsha from BEG is in the teaser for this in a high pitched insect voice. Note that I did not say chipmunk, since she’s the ant queen of awesomeness. Hehe.

I swear, I listen to this song at least three times during my morning commute. I am not even joking.

Sadly, not long after releasing their new album, Sunny Hill’s only male member, Janghyun, had to leave for his mandatory military service. But Sunny Hill can’t just do the song without him and his awesome ant outfit! So what do they do?

Why, they get IU and Thunder to help out! 😀
I totally watched IU and Thunder’s versions on YouTube the moment they came out, and I fangirled like I was still 15. No joke. The ant outfit TOTALLY suits IU, she looks SO CUTE ❤ I can’t believe we’re almost the same age! O_O Thunder was totally awesome as well~

Well, this concludes my long-awaited (kind of) Sunny Hill post.

I really hope you enjoyed it and that we can all be Hillers together in the future! ^.^