Currently Reading: Bokura wa Itsumo

I finished three (of four) midterms, so it’s time for some celebration! Without further ado, here’s a brief look at a manga I’ve been meaning to read for at least a year and a half.

Okay, I’m gonna read the Vampire Knight and Faster Than A Kiss and Usotsuki Lily updates that I missed first. BUT I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!

Okay, here we go! Here’s Bokura wa Itsumo! 😀

Bokura wa Itsumo by Fujimiya Ayu

Summary (modified from MangaReader): Nori Sakurada is riding her bike one day, when she meets up with Haruna, a boy she used to know when she was little. He has grown, but doesn’t look very happy. Nori and Haruna’s relationship starts to progress, while Nori’s childhood friends Kyou and Saeka come to terms with their emotions – Kyou’s feelings towards Nori and Saeka, and Saeka’s feelings towards her old caligraphy teacher.

Thoughts so far:

I think my plot summaries are getting better by the day. Very slowly, though. Must try harder. Anyway…

This manga is a lot more complex that I expected. No, really.
As with most manga I read (I just dump manga I don’t like really quickly, since my time is limited), the relationships in this are rather interesting.

What interests me the most about the relationships in this manga is Nori’s feelings towards Kyou, and how she has NO LINGERING FEELINGS WHATSOEVER. Which is rather unusual, from my experience…most of the time, after someone has confessed to their crush in middle school (within shoujo manga, of course), they will CONVINCE themselves that they have no lingering feelings…and then the feelings will MAGICALLY SURFACE again. Not here though! I thought that was interesting.

I also really like the dynamics of Kyou and Saeka’s relationship. They have this closeness with each other, that isn’t quite romance (yet), but have this neat sort of rivalry as well, which is fun to watch unfold. And Kyou’s feelings for Sa

Kyou’s character also progressed in an interesting way as well. He started off as this sort of (almost) stuck up/spoiled kid, and emotionally matured after interacting with Haruna more. I also like how he doesn’t dwell on his confusion with his feelings for Nori. He’s changed since middle school, and he doesn’t need another failed relationship to realize it. So yay!

One thing I don’t get about Saeka is why she decided to gain weight when she was a kid. I know the reasons for it (read the manga to find out), but WHY? She was bound to get teased, and she would have to get rid of all of the fat later, so why did she do it in the first place…? At the time she made that decision, she was young (and obstinate, haha), so I guess it’s all right. I also like the fact that her childhood self doesn’t look THAT dissimilar to her high school self. Yay realism? Sort of.

I will admit that Haruna as a character is…pretty uninspiring. I’ve seen his type for years and years. So. Incredibly. Uninspiring. He contributes to the series, I’ll agree to that, but he can do it in a more meaningful way! Maybe if he has the same sort of progression that Yano (Bokura ga Ita) had, I’d be more interested.

The art is both cute and functional! One thing that really struck me about this (this probably applies to a LOT of manga I’ve read in the past, it’s just that I’ve started paying attention to these things a lot more) is that the backgrounds aren’t very detailed. This isn’t necessarily bad, because it puts the reader’s focus on the characters more than anything else. The backgrounds that are shown are very simple. Not badly drawn. Just…uncomplicated.

Like most things I read, this is good, but by no means a masterpiece. But I think it’s worth a try, if you’re bored on a weekend. 😀

Rating so far: 8.0/10