I’m still alive, don’t worry!

That being said, exam season is not yet over for me. I have another midterm on Friday (Japanese), another the following Tuesday (Communications) and YET ANOTHER on the next Monday (Philosophy). And my Linguistics midterm was…better than I expected but I STILL HATE PHONOLOGICAL ANALYSIS. Sorry to all you phonologists out there, but your craft is annoying and time consuming as hell. Which makes me respect you all the more.

Communications isn’t so bad. Essay writing has always been my strong point; after writing two English AP exams, I think I can write two five paragraph essays in two hours. Philosophy is more of a mixed bag, I guess…(I’m not bad at it, it’s just that the material is a bit dry.)

Japanese…well, at least I can remember how to write the kanji for “zettai” now, so I’m halfway to remembering how to write 絶対領域 all by myself! 😀
Getting there. Slowly.

Not to mention the essays I’m kind of trying not to think about but am still thinking about at the moment…

Yes. University is this hectic. Think twice before you take five or more courses.