Review: 24 Colours – Hatsukoi no Palette

I spell colours with a “u”. Because I’m Canadian and that’s just how we Northerners roll 😀

24 Colours - Hatsukoi no Palette by Chiba Kozue

Summary (slightly modified from MangaFox): Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of joining the arts club. However, there are only two members– the mysterious Chihaya and the energetic Kento. They’re both good-looking guys, and Chihaya shares Nanaka’s love for painting! Alongside the two gorgeous guys (and Nanaka’s best friend)…what will happen?


Chiba Kozue draws the prettiest manga. I swear. I almost like her style more than Matsuri Hino’s…almost. Sadly, prettiness won’t net you a perfect rating on my watch, so relax.

Really, 24 Colours isn’t a BAD manga by any means. But is it great? Uh…not really.

The characters are fine, despite being highly unmemorable. The series attempts to distract me from this fact with its shinyness, but it’s not really working. Great art cannot mask uninspired characterization, no matter how hard the mangaka tries. Mind you, none of the characters are unlikeable…the character types are just a bit tired after being used by almost EVERY SHOUJO MANGAKA ON THE PLANET. Or in Japan, if you prefer.

The story didn’t have any moments where I got really annoyed with it, but I will say the plot in general was pretty predictable. The ending left me feeling as though the manga was still incomplete. Not in a “what, I wanted to know what happened to the characters after!” kind of incomplete, like a “what, that’s IT?!” kind of incomplete. Not good… Despite this, I really can’t see where Chiba-sensei would have taken the story after the last chapter, since the story was so predictable. With this story, you already KNOW who the female characters are going to end up with, so this wasn’t exactly a roller-coaster of emotions.

Really, the only memorable part of this manga was the art, which is amazingly gorgeous. You can tell this is by Chiba-sensei by the way the characters are drawn, and it IS incredibly pretty. While people say that art shouldn’t be the sole determiner in the reasons for reading a specific manga, most people want their manga to be SOMEWHAT visually pleasing, right? And this is.

Anyway, going with the roller-coaster comparison from one of the previous paragraphs, I would say that 24 Colours is like a ride on a very scenic, well-paved highway. It’s pleasant enough, the view is amazingly pretty…but there’s nothing memorable for miles apart from the scenery. While this might not necessarily be a BAD thing for some, a lot of people might want to pass this one by.

I personally enjoyed it, and I would probably read it again. But 24 Colours isn’t going down as a masterwork.

Score: 7.0/10

+: Gorgeous art, non-objectionable structure

-: Characters and plot lack memorability