In support of the movement against SOPA/PIPA

Kudos to Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress, and a whole slew of other places online for suspending/altering their services in order to bring attention to this dangerous legislation.

Also kudos to Anime News Network for getting the word out to all the otaku! There’s nothing stronger than an army of angry otaku after all! Except maybe 4chan. But that’s something else entirely…

SOPA and PIPA are both GIGANTIC disasters. I’m Canadian, so I cannot write/email/call my congressman and tell them I dislike it because I don’t HAVE ONE. T_T But those of you who ARE American CAN! ^_^ So please do. If not for me, for the rest of us who enjoy the wonders of the internet.

Let’s nip this in the bud while we still can, people. Or else we let Rupert Murdoch and Fox News win. And who wants that?