Today’s Updates! – Dec. 26, 2011

New blog category, yay! Here, I’ll basically be listing the manga updates I read today, and a short paragraph (or possible more if I’m really heated) of what I think of the newest chapter. By the way, the chapter numbers are in brackets.

But wow, there’s quite a lot of stuff to read today~! (In my book, four series that I read regularly can be a lot on a normal day, XD)

Love So Life (33): The update left me wanting more! But I’m kind of curious now as to what a passing exam grade is…she got 65%! Isn’t that like a C+ in North America? I don’t remember the grading scale in high school anymore lol.

Hoshi wa Utau (54): The end of the chapter. OH NOES. D: The part of the story that I read about online is coming true…. :O

Bleach (478): UGH, this is what happens when I start caring less and less about Bleach…I forget what happened in the flashbacks =_= But at least the current arc is kind of over? I wonder what’s going to happen next. I’m also not sure whether I want Aizen to start appearing regularly in the series again or not….

Saijou no Meiji (33): I now have my new favourite quote: “It’s better to kill than to let someone die”. Excellent. But then this series is always excellent, as I think it’s one of my favourite shounen series….even if I don’t read it very often lol. In any case, Makoto is amazingly boss in this chapter as well, hehehe.