Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Just because I like Lucky Star, XD

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

I wonder if you guys got lots of cool anime-related goodies? 😀 (I didn’t…since I didn’t write up a Christmas wish list lol. But it’s all good.)

I remember this past Thanksgiving, I was so amazingly happy since there were so many AWESOME shoujo manga updates (what a nerd I am), but right now, there isn’t too much apart from Silver Spoon…maybe if I give it a few hours, the situation will improve? But even if it doesn’t, I have lots of delicious food to enjoy anyway! ^_^

Normal updates will resume after Christmas dinner…and after I do my Boxing Day shopping…*____* Maybe I’m not as much as a geek as I once was, but I’m planning on buying nothing but clothes; due to possible shoujo influences, I’ve been wanting to wear skirts more and more, XD. I blame Hino Matsuri! Her work is too pretty :O

But I digress. Hehe.
Be safe, and have fun, everyone~! ^_^/