Review – Hidarite no Love Letter

First shoujo manga review of THAT Shoujo Manga Blog ♥. W00t.

Hidarite no Love Letter by Chiba Kozue

Summary (from

Nishino has been sitting next to the most popular guy in her class, Minami Taiga. Nishino loves Minami, for the main reason that Nishino has always been ignored or made-fun of by her classmates except for Minami. One day, Minami notices the messages that Nishino has been writing on her left hand, which kindles a new connection between them.

THE Review:

Okay, I read this way back in 2009 when it first came up on MangaFox, and I absolutely loved it. I consider it to be on the higher spectrum of quality, in terms of oneshots. The art style really appeals to me, and it was a pleasure to read. Sure, the shy girl in love with the sociable outgoing guy is a scenario the average shoujo reader has seen often enough, but the author rendered the situation in a more unconventional way, which makes the story a lot more refreshing than a lot of oneshots.

That being said, the other oneshots contained in this pale in comparison to the first. For some reason, the art quality was completely different…I’m not sure if this is a collection including Chiba-sensei’s earlier work, so maybe that might be a possible explanation. Despite this, the other oneshots are enjoyable enough for what they are, but don’t expect anything too amazing.

Anyway, Hidarite no Love Letter a really cute oneshot collection that has a lot of appeal!

Score: 7.5/10

+ : Good art and memorable story in first oneshot

– : Consequent oneshots lower in quality